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Arise and Achieve Leadership Course
Advance your career and enrich your relationships by learning time-honored and solid leadership principles. True character in leadership is scarce and flash-in-the-pan personality leaders are failing one after another. We need leaders of courage and character who lead by example, empower, and instill team spirit.
Small business owners, corporate executives, educators, athletes, service workers, those in ministry, in politics, marriages, and parents—anyone who interacts with others in our culture should arise and achieve their highest in leadership potential.
The following are our course topics with brief description:
This block of instruction covers basic foundational principles in leadership, such as the exercise of proper authority, attitude, motives, self-discipline, and self-motivation. The main goal of this introductory block is to demonstrate how leadership models are turning to character driven servant leaders and away from personality-authoritarian style leadership.
Basic Leadership Principles:
Issues of Heart and Mind:
Many issues within ourselves can sabotage our efforts in building our leadership skills. This series of classes addresses the obvious issues of heart and mind as well as the hidden issues. Those in leadership roles must understand their own emotional and mental limitations and drawbacks, but also learn to properly perceive these issues of heart and mind working within subordinates and team members.
Poor Leadership Examples:
Learning what “not” to do by studying poor examples of leadership helps generate the sense of importance in developing good leadership qualities and character. Case studies and practical application from student experiences gives this section of instruction powerful dynamics that help develop wisdom, insight, calmness during stress, and patience.
Communication and Relationship Dynamics:
Understanding human nature and how people conduct themselves during the course of work, in play, in family, with friends, and in school—in words, attitude, and body language—is part of leadership awareness and perceptivity. This block of instruction covers the powers of communication and response.
Marriage and Family:
As husbands, wives, and parents leadership skills are more important than ever. How we lead in our home life and relate to our extended family will show up in the work place and in ministry. This section is geared to drawing out those areas in our lives that we take for granted concerning deliberate leadership skills and principles.
Planning and Organizing:
Confusion, lack of communication, and disjointed activity stems from lack of vision, poor mission statement, and planning. From the overall mission of any organization, down to individual projects and daily operations, planning and organizing is vital and must include the whole team. This topic will cover proven techniques and strategy for planning and organizing, both personal and team work.
Case Studies and Role Playing:
This section of instruction allows for the study of real life problems where each student has the opportunity to act out or role play various personalities. A case may be taken from a typical workplace situation, in ministry, at a corporate level, in a small business or in a family situation.
Character Development:
Shallow personality leaders have taken over the corporate world, filled the ranks in ministry, and even replaced healthy leadership in marriage and family. However, flamboyant leaders such as an executive, manager, or the dictatorial spouse are losing the ability to sway and deceive, as life challenges demand the substance of character, wisdom, and patience. This section of our course covers how true and faithful character is developed and demonstrated within leadership.
Project Management:
Deadlines, goals, schedules, and maintaining team synergy and spirit is vital. This section discusses the obstacles and good practices of effective and efficient project management.
Deception and double-dealing has become a major work in undermining successful leadership. Many an executive, leader, pastor, husband, or wife has fallen victim to the charlatan. Learning to be alert and astute is paramount for successful leadership, and this section covers a vast spectrum of evils, cloaked in goodness, attacking all levels of society.
Security and Risk Assessment:
Prevention, avoidance, and insurance against accidents, crime, and natural calamity are just as important as discernment. From workplace violence to domestic violence; from crime prevention to natural disasters—security and proper assessment of risk and prevention is covered in this last leadership topic.
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