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Restoring God's power to the body of Christ
1 Corinthians 1:18
The following describes each ministry update, commentary, press release, or article we publish. This is our way of allowing each subscriber to set their own preferences to stay informed and engaged with this work.

Take a moment to become familiar with each publication and then when you choose to subscribe to any or all you can make an informed choice. Use the link to the right to access our email contacting service. When you subscribe, instructions will be emailed to you.

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A Servant's Heart - Formerly MCCF Connections:
Midnight Cry Prophetic Commentary:
Wholeness In Christ - BBIC Counseling & Support Group:
MCI School of Ministry:
BBIC School of Ministry:
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Be notified when the next MC Chapel Fellowship message is available for viewing. Typically you receive a MCCF connection email once a week to include an article about the message or commentary on a current event or a ministry news release.
This preference allows you to receive prophetic commentary on topics concerning end time prophesy from Scripture associated with current events around the world and here in the USA. This email publication has an associated blog allowing for archive of past articles and an opportunity to share you thoughts, questions and comments.
If you are receiving counseling or participating in our MCCF local support group, it is recommended that you choose this preference as one of your options. You will receive articles on recovery principles and supporrt group notfications or support group guideline updates.
This email correspondence covers the MCI SoM course, addressing topical information, school notices, schedule updates, and school news. This option is recommended for those taking both the DVD Curriculum course of the online course.
This email correspondence covers the Burden Bearing Intensive Care course of instruction such as topical information, school notices, schedule updates, and school news. This option is recommended for those taking both the DVD Curriculum course of the online course.
This option covers information about this future ministry. For now you can sign up and receive the associated blog articles written by the hosts of this new up and coming ministry.
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Holy Highway Publication:
This is our only mail out publication. You can subscribe to publication when you by submitting your name and mailing address using the following email link. The Holy Highway Publication will contain articles pertinent in helping the sincere Christian walk in the light Christ - in his righteousness and holiness.
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